Services: Logo Design & Booklet Design
Feature: Queer Eye season 7 on Netflix and Logo Lounge book 13
After surviving 13 years of incarceration, Maryam Henderson-Uloho created SisterHearts, a non-profit that helps formerly incarcerated people heal from prison trauma, rebuild their identity and life with dignity, and become thriving members of their communities. SisterHearts is both a 2nd chance thrift store & a decarceration program, providing employment, housing, support, strategies, and much more. Maryam is a legendary human who gives her whole self to healing and helping others. One recent program participant said that Maryam’s decarceration program saved his life.
Since I first learned about Maryam and SisterHearts back in 2019, I've been volunteering design services. We started with designing a logo, followed by a 50-page booklet about the organization.
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