Hilco is a small Boston-based design shop, specializing in brand identity & logo design, packaging, illustration, lettering, and hand-painted murals.

Photo by the talented and radiant Hillary L Photography.

It's nice to meet you!

I'm Hilary Bouvier— the multi-disciplinary creative human behind Hilco.
Over the years, I've worked with local and international clients in a variety of industries to bring their vision to life in a way that is artful, built to last, and resonates with their audience. I feel lucky to be quite obsessed with my profession and consider myself to be a life-long learner, constantly refining my skills and expanding my knowledge base. I approach every project with curiosity, empathy, and passion.

Originally from France, I graduated from high school in Indonesia before moving to the US for college. I am currently rooted in Boston, MA, but I  will travel for most any excuse. When I'm not designing, I spend time trying to keep my 48 house plants alive, practicing my roller blading skills, and devouring podcasts and cookies at an alarming rate.
Brand identity & Logo design
Packaging design
Custom Lettering
Editorial & Layout
Web Design
Brand Consultation

French (native speaker)
English (native speaker)
Spanish (fluent)
Indonesian (basic)